What Exactly Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is something that is used to meet the necessary technical requirements of the latest search engines to improve the organic search engine rankings. There are several technical SEO factors like rendering, website architecture, crawling, and indexing.

Technical Seo Audit

Technical Seo Audit

Why Technical SEO Is Necessary?

Technical SEO is really important to rank your website. You cannot afford to mess up your technical SEO otherwise; you will not get success in ranking your website.

The search engines like Google and others need to find and your website for crawling, render and index your webpage on higher rankings in search engines.

But if we look at the technical SEO it goes much deeper than it seems and we are scratching the surface till now. Let us now go deeper and learn about what technical SEO is and how it works.What Are The Technical SEO Best Practices

Now that we have a clear idea of what Technical SEO is, let us now discuss the best practices that are followed in Technical SEO.

  • Select a Domain Name
  • Optimize Robots.txt
  • Optimize URL Structure
  • Navigation and Structure of the website.
  • Easy navigation of Menus
  • Implement Structured Data Markup
  • Canonical URLs
  • Optimize 404 Page
  • XML Sitemap
  • SSL and HTTPS
  • Speed of the Website
  • Mobile Friendliness and responsiveness.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Multilingual Websites
  • Register your website using webmaster tools

Select A Domain Name

The first thing you can do is to select the domain name through which you want to publish your website. By doing you will tell the search engines will recognize your website throughout the life span it will be on the internet.

Let us now see why you need this.

Whenever a website is accessed, it is accessed with the www (World Wide Web) and sometimes without www in front of a website name.

For instance, if your website name is xyz.com then your domain name or website shall be accessed by both http://www.xyz.com and http://xyz.com

Both methods are good for users and search engines also.

Even though they are not accessed with the same method.

By specifying the proper domain name you can help the search engines about the preferred domain and save your domain from indexing issues, plagiarism or duplicate content problems, and page rank loss.

Optimize URL Structure

The next thing we are going to discuss is to optimize the URL structure. The URL structure is most crucial in that it allows people to access your website. The meaning of URL structure it means the format of the URLs of the websites.

Best technical SEO practices use the following URLs properties:

  • Always use lowercase characters in the URL.
  • Use Dashes “–“ to separate multiple words in the URL.
  • Make a short and descriptive URL.
  • Avoid unnecessary characters or words or increase the length.
  • Use only target keywords in the URL, no keyword stuffing.

Generally, once you have defined the format of your constant website link structure, the next thing you will have to perform is to optimize the URL of the website whenever you are publishing new content.

Most businesses use WordPress as their Content Management System, WordPress takes the title and creates the URL of that post.

Let me explain this thing with an example, let’s suppose if you are creating a post with the title “The Top Technical SEO Factors”, the URL generated by WordPress will be http://www.xyz.com/the-top-technical-seo-factors”.

Technical Seo Checklist

Technical Seo Checklist

Navigation And Structure Of The Website.

For good and ranking SEO the site structure is a very important and significant SEO factor for several reasons.

Users like and stay on the websites where they find the structure of the website and simple and easy to understand. This also helps search engines to filter out, index, and rank such websites more easily and for longer times.

The websites developers and managers can commit this mistake by neglecting the site navigation and structure and in the end, this mistake can damage the entire SEO of the website.

If you are doing SEO to rank the website on Google then you should take also consider the archive pages that are also considered by Google to evaluate the overall structure of the website and rank the website. Hiding the archive pages from the users and search engine is a bad SEO practice.

A Well defined structure is liked by Google and is considered to be one of the most important SEO factors to rank a website higher.

Final Words:

Technical SEO plays an irreplaceable role in the performance and ranking of the website. The backend of the website is equally important as the other types of the SEO practices like On-Page and Off-Page SEO. The ranking of the website is heavily dependent on the technical SEO if this thing is done accurately then the website will surely rank high on search engines especially on Google.