I recently came across a new type of gig online – blog commenting. You have to read an article and write three to four lines about it in exchange for a fee. Sounds reasonable. So what makes people buy comments in the first place?

Do they gain anything from doing so? What I discovered and why I think you should avoid this type of service at all costs can be found here.

The Comments Are All About

Your expressions about our article. Comments are generally what readers write to us about the article we publish. The opinions might be neutral, disagreeable, suggestive, or even controversial. Because of one main factor, keywords have become an important metric in online marketing.

Whenever someone leaves a blog comment, they use words relevant to the discussion. Therefore, your article will be indexed for various keywords, aside from the one you are targeting when these words accumulate.

Keywords play an important role in determining how high a page will rank in search engines. This is because they add valuable content to a preexisting article, increasing its online visibility.

Why Do People Get Into Trading

When you rely on organic (natural) traffic, it takes a while for a new site to get indexed and ranked. Therefore, blog comments will trickle in much later, if you get any at all. You may lose out to competitors with greater engagement if you wait this long.

This technique will help bloggers and online business owners speed up the process by boosting traffic to a particular post, optimizing on-page SEO, and establishing a positive reputation for their brand.

Well, it’s another way to make money online for the commentators. For example, a comment is worth $1. So the potential earnings from this task could be about $140 if you offer 20 each day for a week. However, it is still quite good money, even though it isn’t lucrative.

In the end, it’s a win-win situation for both parties, and at first glance, it has the appearance of being a fair deal, with no one breaking any rules.

All types of comments are unacceptable. Bloggers have specifically stated the criteria they seek; will they be able to attain it? Below you can see the different types of bidders (commentators) in the marketplace who are willing to do the job (again, read every word carefully).

Do you feel dazed after reading these offers? As I am, I guess that if you have been blogging for some time, you are aware of some difficulties already. So let me explain why such a service is not a good idea for those new to this.

Are Buying Comments Worth Your Time?

Not in my opinion. This type of trading does not appeal to me, and I would not waste my time looking for the perfect comment. Instead, the natural comment offers more value, adds more quality, and has a better chance of building search engine trust and readership.

Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of buying comments and why you should not use them. In addition, you can learn more about the commenting system I use to boost my blog posts at Wealthy Affiliate. What are your thoughts on this topic? Please share them below.


Potential Commenters Problems That Could Arise

There’s a high probability that most of these commentators are not native English speakers. Their promotional pitch contains numerous spelling and grammatical errors. Yes, those are the telltale signs. Furthermore, non-natives are more likely to do the job because the income they earn translates into more value when compared to natives.

Due to the possibility of spam, you should hire more than one person to keep track of comments coming from the same computer. The best way to ensure that a blog has comments from different IP addresses is to have multiple people comment.

The quality of comments is important, but if you start manipulating the reader’s reaction by asking for only positive feedbacks or even providing your scripts, your user engagement will appear unnatural.