You can probably benefit from the management dashboard provided by Facebook Business Suite if you manage social accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or both.

Several professional features are available through this free tool. It cannot meet all of your daily social media needs, but it can certainly help. We will examine how Facebook Business Suite can be beneficial to your business and when it might be necessary to add other tools to it.

What is Facebook Business Suite?

It is an app developed by Facebook that provides business-related management tools. ON LAUNCH DAY, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said that the new feature would help business owners manage their Facebook pages or profiles across multiple apps. Essentially, Facebook Business Suite replaces Facebook Business Manager, although for now, you can choose to continue to use Business Manager if you wish.

Facebook Business Suite vs. Facebook Business Manager

According to our previous statement, Facebook Business Suite will replace Facebook Business Manager. As a result, Business Suite is now the default option when you click the link to Business Manager.How does this work? Facebook’s new business interface provides a more unified tool to handle both Facebook and Instagram’s business activities. Among the highlights are:

Home Screen

There is a lot more information on the home screen now. There are notifications for both your Facebook and Instagram accounts, a summary of your recent posts and advertisements, and some basic performance insights.

You can also see how many people have viewed your profile from all of the different sources. The new update also adds a new section to your profile that lets you keep track of your daily activities. There’s a section in your profile where you can keep track of all the steps you’ve taken today. You can see how much sleep you got and if you had any food or alcohol. You can also add notes to each day. You can also access the “Activity” section of your profile via a tab on the top right side of the home screen.


Your Facebook Business Page, Instagram Business account, and direct messages from Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger are all included in the unified Inbox. Your website can be integrated with a Facebook chat plugin, and automated messages can be created from the Inbox.

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The Insights screen in Business Suite provides a more unified view of organic and paid posts on Facebook and Instagram and information about your audience on both platforms.”This is a great way to see the performance of your ads and organic posts at a glance,” said Jason Seifer, SVP of Marketing at Foursquare. “It also helps you quickly identify opportunities for better optimization and audience targeting.” The Insights tab is available for all users, regardless of their role as an admin or publisher.

Switching back to Business Manager from Facebook Business Suite

At least for now, you can still use Facebook Business Manager instead of Facebook Business Suite. Follow these steps to switch back:

  • You can give feedback to Facebook Business Suite at the bottom of the left-sidebar by clicking Give Feedback.
  • Next, click the Switch to Business Manager button. Then you can click the Business Suite icon in the top left corner of Business Manager if you change your mind later.