Nowadays, ranking a website or web page isn’t as easy as it used to be. It has become more challenging to stay on top of your SEO game due to the stiffer competition and constant changes in the algorithms that determine rankings. Business owners may not have the time to keep up with all these changes and regularly update their websites. If you want to stay competitive, an SEO freelancer might be what you need.

This is why you might need the services of a freelance SEO expert. Let’s briefly define what a freelance SEO is before going any further. Search engine optimization freelancers help you increase your visibility on search engines. You can rank highly for your main keywords, driving tons of traffic to your site and business if you hire the right one.

How Does SEO Consultant Help Your Business?

Search engine optimization encompasses nearly every aspect of online marketing. Is there a way an SEO consultant can assist your business? Let’s take a look at the top SEO freelancer services they offer.

  1. Keyword Research

SEO is based on keyword research as a foundational principle. The practice of finding search terms entered into search engines by users is known as keyword research. To improve your SEO, you must discover the keywords used to search for your products or services. One of the ways in which an SEO freelancer can help your business rank well is through this practice.

  1. Content Strategy

Planning the entire creation process is an important component of content strategy. The following disciplines are included:

  • keyword research
  • to determine user intent
  • crafting optimized headlines
  • creating content outlines
  • determining content types
  • choosing platforms for publishing

The success of your content depends on having a content strategy, especially if the space is saturated with content.

  1. Content Creation

The creation of content is also integral to SEO. However, not many people understand how to do SEO content creation. Other skills required include proper keyword placement, writing in your audience’s preferred tone, and structuring and formatting content properly.

Everyone can be a good writer, but not everyone can be a good SEO writer. Another way an SEO freelancer can help you grow your small business is through link building.

  1. Link Building

Link building is another aspect of SEO besides content. Search engines use links to determine the authority of content and websites. As a web page grows in authority, search engines rank it higher for queries related to your keywords. Effective link building involves building relevant links on three levels:

  • Internal links: These are links between pages on your site, and you should choose them wisely.
  • Outgoing links: External links are important, but they can lead to competitors, low authority, or spammy websites if done incorrectly.
  • Inbound links: Links pointing to your website are known as backlinks, and search engines consider their votes of confidence in your website. The key here is quality rather than quantity.

The best SEO freelancers are also aware of the importance of monitoring your backlink profile. Your search engine optimization could suffer if your backlink profile contains toxic backlinks.

Creating links is a time-consuming endeavor that requires the knowledge of the correct type of links and strategies that are effective.

An SEO freelancer will come in handy here since they will be able to develop high-quality links that will benefit your website.

You must invest in SEO if you wish to have a significant impact online (of which there is no choice). That is why hiring a freelance SEO consultant is a wise decision.