If you receive the error message, “Your server’s IP address could not be found”, there are a few things you can try to fix the problem. These errors may be a result of an issue with your client (the device or connection you use to access the website). If you are having trouble locating a website on a different server, try using a different browser or IP address.

Fixing client-side error

If you’re getting a 404 Not Found error message, there are a few things you can try to fix it. First, make sure your computer is in restart pending mode. It may be in this state because you installed some software and it didn’t clear it completely when you restarted.

You may also see the error when you try to access random pages. Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc., might not work for you, even if you have the server IP address in your browser. These solutions only solve the browser’s misconfiguration issue and will not resolve the underlying cause. You can try them one by one or all at once, or whichever method works best for you.

The 404 error is a common client-side error. It means that the server can’t be found, or the page that you’re trying to view was moved or removed. There are a few different reasons that the server might be offline, but it’s usually an error of the server. In most cases, this error message will display within the browser window.

Changing DNS servers

If you’ve been experiencing an error stating that your IP address is not available, you may want to change the DNS servers on your computer. To change your DNS servers, open the Command Prompt and type ipconfig/flushdns. Be sure to log in as administrator before you make any changes.

Another option to fix this issue is to run the Command Prompt (Admin) as an administrator. To open the Command Prompt, press Windows logo key + X and then click “Run as administrator.” After this, you will be prompted with a User Account Control prompt. Click “Yes” to allow it. After you’ve confirmed, restart your computer. Once this is done, you should be able to access the internet again.

While the internet is more resilient than it was five years ago, it still can experience glitches. When your DNS server is unavailable, you might be unable to access the Internet. This problem is often caused by an antivirus program. Disabling your antivirus software may fix the problem temporarily. Another solution is to manually change your DNS server. For example, you can change it by switching to a different server like Google or OpenDNS. Sometimes the problem may be caused by a network issue. If this is the case, you can fix the problem by launching a troubleshooter or Command Prompt.

Refreshing IP address

Refreshing servers can be a helpful solution to resolve ‘Server not found’ issues. This error message is typically triggered by inconsistency in the network connection or modem/router. Several affected users have found that forcing a network refresh solved the error.

This error message appears when the DNS server is unable to find the IP address associated with the domain name. DNS is the software that translates IP addresses into human-readable names. An error message indicating that a server IP address could not be found is a clear indication that a problem is occurring. However, this error message does not specify which end of the chain it applies to.