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The Technical SEO service offered by AKLINKSEO works on improving page speed, Internal links, or operations, Which makes it easier for the user to understand and use the website. It works in alliance with all SEO activities and content optimization and link building. This causes an impact of taking your website to higher rankings in search engine results.

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Our SEO Specialists are qualified & We tried and tested high quality PENGUIN & PANDA safe backlinks.

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We Will Create The XML Sitemap For You

AKLINKSEO has a team of experts to build or create XML site maps. To organize your site, this element of technical SEO will help a lot. If you already have a well-designed website, still you would need an XML sitemap to submit to google for crawling and ranking your website.

An XML sitemap is essentially a list of important pages on your website that is required to be submitted by the search engines for making it a lot easier to rank. They created a bridge between your site and the search engines.




Site architecture

Mobile optimization

Website security (SSL)

Google indexing

Increase page loading speed

Improve the page errors

Image SEO

Remove duplicate content

Key Technical SEO services By AKLINKSEO

AKLINKSEO could improve your site’s SEO by using below mentioned key technical factors.

Making it Mobile-Friendly

In line with other services AKLINKSEO will also make your website responsive and mobile-friendly. This was not that common a few years back. To satisfy the need of Google algorithm “Mobilegeddon” that analyzes the websites based on being mobile-friendly or not.

The experts at AKLINKSEO will make the site responsive, So people can easily access any website anytime anywhere and it has become a key factor in ranking.

How To Improve The Architecture Of Your Site

The most critical feature is the architecture of your site. The architecture is a structure of links with all website pages together.

This feature is the first step in the search engine to find you. AKLINKSEO built a structure of site architecture which helps to find anything search on the webpage.

The site architecture developed by AKLINKSEO will help build effective internal links and to navigate through the website. and this technical SEO feature will help Google to rank your website more easily and faster. This technical element will help you reduce the bounce rate of your pages and gather more organic traffic.

Improve Page Loading Speed

In the era of the internet and digital communication, it mainly requires one thing, A FASTER WEBSITE. People tend to use quick-loading websites rather than go for the slower ones. AKLINKSEO is exceptionally professional for creating and websites and optimizing them for faster loading time and efficient performance. This factor of Technical SEO can’t be ignored. If your website is taking a longer loading time then It will create a bad impression. AKLINKSEO helps you to make your website way faster to access by helping reduce or resolving these issues as mentioned below.

Refine your website Images
Store Browser cache
Allow Compression
Improve server response time.
By utilizing Content Delivery System.

Error In Google Search Need To Be Fixed

We at AKLINKSEO, troubleshoot the error frequently as per the services we are offering and fix it immediately. Before it becomes a more serious issue and can affect your site’s performance and ranking negatively. We shall take the responsibility of finding and solving all the technical SEO issues of your website. the most common technical error that AKLINKSEO will rectify is:

HTTP Error 404 (Not found): This one is the normal and quite usual error we could see in our routine search. When you are trying to reach any particular page of any site which doesn’t exist. That can happen due to a broken link between the pages, incorrect URL, relocation of page, or deleted one. To recover this error there are some custom pages. AKLINKSEO will solve this error by:

Redirecting the pages
Correcting the Links
Restoring the Deleted Pages

Remove Duplicate Content

Every part we discussed has its importance so this one is the most important. To have thin content shown little or no value to the user. These are also the landing pages. And can affect your page lower in rank automatically.

At AKLINKSEO we work to provide the best and natural content, and improvising in the work mentioned below.

We use SEO to find any page with less word count.
Easy to locate content which can cause a duplicate content issue.
Checking out your backlink statistics.
Always looking for the Copywrite issues if any.

Web Security (SSL)

To make your website secure according to the HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Security is the top priority for ranking. In simple words website with security is helping to lead towards high ranking. Search engines detect more security help to measure particular Ranking signals. AKLINKSEO work to make your website more secure by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). That is a certificate that looks like a padlock on that webpage showing the security of the browser’s connection with web servers. That padlock symbol can be easily seen as an identity on the address bar before the URL.

Google indexing

By providing all of the above discussed Technical SEO solutions the Google indexing will become much easier. Google indexing can be decided by analyzing the intent of the content posted on your website and this is the first step in the indexing process. AKLINKSEO is having a team of professionals working to make it possible for you to be the best among your competitor.
To make a fine search result without any barrier make it shine like a star, the Best possible marketing strategy is to link with your provided content that makes it essential to reform with the help of technical Seo. At AKLINKSEO we are here to provide the best solution to any issue you face in technical SEO. Whether it’s a new site or to improve an old one. It assures us to improve the technical side and support it to rank higher when searching for results. We are offering to cover a wide range of SEO terms with.


AKLINKSEO is the one-stop solution provider regarding Technical SEO issues, where our team of experts working for the betterment of our client’s website. Using all tactics that can make it better and keep ranking constantly on the same level to maintain it is our priority. As we know how important is your website for your business.
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Your Money With Super Booster Your Website On Google

  • On Page SEO + Technical SEO Audit and Recommendations
  • Backlinks Analysis + Bad Backlinks Audit and Recommendations
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • Manually Multi Tiered 7,000 Backlinks Drip-feed for 30 Days
7 Days

Your Money With Super Booster Your Website On Google

  • On Page SEO + Technical SEO Audit and Recommendations
  • Backlinks Analysis + Bad Backlinks Audit and Recommendations
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • Manually Multi Tiered 2,000 Backlinks Drip-feed for 30 Days


Technical SEO

The technical aspect of SEO refers to improving the technical attributes of a website so that its pages rank higher on search engines. The three pillars of technical optimization are making a website more quickly and more easily crawled by search engines
AccordThe goal of technical SEO is to ensure that a website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines to improve its organic ranking. Website architecture, crawling, and indexing are among the elements of Technical SEO.ion Sample Description
by making your Website is Mobile-Friendly, Create XML Sitemap, make Your Website faster, Weekly Technical SEO Site Audits for performance monitoring, Optimize websites' internal links, optimize Image Alt Text with Keywords
In essence, technical SEO makes your website easily navigable and prevents any technical issues that may prevent search engines from understanding and ranking it. To attract organic traffic, you should implement technical SEO. 
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