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The case of Wikipedia’s SEO is entirely different. They’re a big, high-profile site with a lot of authority on the one hand. In web contexts as well as in factual contexts, they are authoritative. Even though anyone can edit them, they’ve grown into one of the world’s leading informational sources and AKLINKSEO makes sure that your link always stays live.

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Types Of Wikipedia Backlinks AKLINKSEO Will Provide

There are several types of backlinks AKLINKSEO can provide you from Wikipedia and we are going to discuss some of them below.

Wikipedia has been proving to be the biggest source of knowledge on the internet with great Domain Authority and good SEO practices. The SEO profile of Wikipedia is massive and if someone acquires relevant backlinks from Wikipedia that would help in lifting up the SEO profile of that website significantly and AKLINKSEO knows that fact really well. This is the reason why AKLINKSEO is offering a Wikipedia backlinks service to boost up your site’s SEO by building high-quality backlinks from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has lost a bit of its effectiveness, VFSMEO can still use it to enhance SEO and help you to fulfill your mission of improving your site’s authority using Wikipedia backlinks.

However, getting a backlink from Wikipedia is not an easy task. If it is not done in the right way it can cause problems rather than helping you out, but the good thing in this scenario is you have a team of professionals of AKLINKSEO who are experts at creating backlinks on Wikipedia.

Broken Links On Wikipedia

AKLINKSEO offers broken link method as Wikipedia links. As Wikipedia editors don’t remove the links when they find them. Those links can be utilized to create backlinks from Wikipedia.

For AKLINKSEO finding broken links is literally a piece of cake. The next step we will take is to browse the search engine results and find a relevant page to your site. We will find a page that is relevant to your niche.

As soon as we have identified a dead link, then we will make the link look and sound natural on your website.

Unique Linking Opportunities

We also offer unique linking opportunities by creating unique Wikipedia accounts. Therefore, it becomes possible to build links on a desired specific Wikipedia page that are relevant to your own content on your website.

Wikipedia always takes benefit from adding new content to the existing pages that could improve its structure and information for better SEO. Whether a new paragraph, sentence, or entire section.

This can become an opportunity Due to the fact that all links from Wikipedia are subject to approval by moderators. There’s a good chance you’re going to get caught out if five new links suddenly appear on a page all pointing to one Wikipedia page.

As a Wikipedia citizen, you should instead update content, repair broken links, and add new discoveries where you can.

Having your article included in the list is a positive result for you and everyone else involved.

The Process of Creating Wikipedia Backlinks For You

Finding The Keyword Or Search Query
As the first step AKLINKSEO will select the keyword or the topic and the page for you to create a link. Why this step is important and how we are going to do this we will explain later. But, be ready when you are about to post some content and get a backlink from Wikipedia the keyword research and finding the ranking page is important and we know this quite well.

We have a team of SEO professionals who are experts at doing keyword research and finding the best keywords to write Wikipedia content and the best place in the content to create the link with the website.

Identifying The Ranking Wikipedia Pages
In the next step, once we have a complete set of keywords and target queries, then we will identify the most suitable keywords with the relevant pages for you to sync up your content with good quality and high-value traffic that can be redirected to your page or content.

After that, we will thoroughly take a look at the Wikipedia page or a collection of pages that have the same content or keywords and are interesting. Then we shall make content and make sure that it matches the content and the subject of the Wikipedia content.

At the end of this step, we will double-check if all the details are correct just like we found out during our research.

Create A Write-Up For Posting
Now when we have done the above two steps, then we shall go ahead and create a fine piece of writing for posting on Wikipedia for acquiring Wikipedia backlink. As stated earlier, we have a team of SEO professionals who are experts at writing very good SEO articles and make rank on top. The backlinks we shall get from Wikipedia will also improve the rankings even further.

The Final Step: Adding The Link To The Wikipedia Article

Yes, finally we are here at the last step where we shall add the Wikipedia backlink on the article to the content page or website. Before adding the link AKLINKSEO look at several important factors such as:

The page discussion on the topic.
The page history and past performance of the page.
Find out similar content and sites.

One more important thing we would like to tell you. Sometimes Wikipedia links get rejected and there is nothing to worry about. Links can be created afterward, and most importantly we would have created wonderful and resourceful content for study and research. AKLINKSEO will provide you the best service you can get.

Wikipedia backlinks can lift your content up to the highest rank of Google. AKLINKSEO can leverage the ranking and website authority of Wikipedia to gather a good volume of traffic to your own page or site. External link building is a crucial ranking factor for ranking that service no one can provide better than AKLINKSEO.

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Wikipedia Backlinks owns many active backlinks for many popular domain projects within popular topics and categories.
If we use exact anchor text, then we prefer to stay away from it because the possibility of the link sticking is lower since it will likely be interpreted as spam. Our goal is to reach a niche rather than an anchor, however, if we can do so, that would be a reward for us.
If you are in the yoga niche, we will use health-related pages. The use of an exact niche would be a reward if we can do so.
Definitely. It can be, for example, your company website, blog, forum, online shop, YouTube video, eBay store, Amazon account, or product page on Facebook or Twitter.
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