What is the reason for the slow growth of your website despite the quality content you offer? Do not be concerned. This is a common problem. It’s at least a thousand times I’ve seen website owners press the SOS button for the very same reasons over the past decade.

Interestingly, most of them already knew the solution but wanted my confirmation. You know it too. Quality backlinks are the answer. Provided your content is of high quality.

Like you, most of these website owners did not know the solution since it is difficult to build quality backlinks without dedicated resources.

In analyzing the top-ranking pages on Google search and figuring out why some highly competitive content is not ranking #1, you will come up with one conclusion. It has to do with backlinks. It’s no secret that backlinks are powerful, and that’s also the case for Google. If there is one thing Google is unable to crack down on 100%, it’s backlinks.

But why? If you look at all the narratives from Google executives, all of them warn users not to build links. The company often uses fear-mongering in order to ensure that its algorithm’s vulnerability is not exploited.

Introduction Of Backlink Buying?

It is essential to understand the backlink buying process and what it really is before buying high-quality backlinks at an affordable price.

How Can You Benefit from Link Buys?

Although you could argue that the main reason you’d want to buy backlinks is that everyone is doing it, this isn’t the only reason why you should decide to buy quality links.

Cost Factors for Backlinks

The cost of backlinks for your website or web pages depends on a wide range of factors, and you should keep that in mind before buying them. The following factors should be considered to make the link-buying process smooth and safe.

  1. Type of Website

The price can vary depending on the type of website you wish agencies to target. The most popular websites are those that receive high organic traffic.

Reaching out to these sites takes a lot of time and effort, resulting in a higher price for the link. In most cases, these are earned links, so your money is spent on the outreach team’s effort to make contact with the website owner.

The pricing differs based on what authority metric you choose if, on the other hand, you require links from websites that are shortlisted based on SEO metrics.

  1. The Content (Quality)

The quality of content is important to high-traffic driving sites. They tend to publish content written by experts accompanied by a genuine author bio most of the time. However, these types of articles aren’t cheap. In addition, the cost can increase if you want an English native writer.

  1. Brand Strength

Link-building and link-buying are much cheaper when you have a strong brand. Therefore, if you already have a strong online presence, you will have an easier time reaching out to other brands. Emails from your list will be answered more quickly and more often, leading to quick offers from your partners.

  1. Creative Control

How creatively controlled your brand affects how link-buying works? It is imperative to ensure that the integrity of your brand is never compromised as the list of standards for what is acceptable increases, which is the case when brands know they are on top of their game. In other words, your brand should have an enviable level of integrity.

  1. The Quality of The Links

Another factor affects the cost of the link and the link-buying process. The cost of older websites with excellent link metrics tends to be higher, and the difficulty of pitching them.

Apart from having valuable brands, most older sites have strict limitations on the number of outbound links they can build per month. Most of the time, you find that these established brands are already sitting on backlogs of numerous other brands waiting for backlinks from them.