Wikipedia is well known to all of us. Almost every time an organic result appears on Google for that search term, it’s that site. How about boosting your personal brand or company’s online presence with this massive encyclopedia? Wikipedia can be a great tool for building business credibility as well as converting customers. However, a Wikipedia page creation can be cumbersome and tedious for a novice.

As far as SEO is concerned, Wikipedia stands out. A part from being an incredibly high-profile, massive site, they’re also filled with authority. Web authority and factual authority go hand in hand. Although anyone can edit the site, they have become a dominant source of information in dozens of languages worldwide.

According to Alexa, Wikipedia is currently ranked 5th in the world and 6th in the United States (at the time of this posting). The best part is that there is no advertising involved. Wikipedia is one of Google’s favorite search results because of what makes it so popular? Content that is non-biased is the answer! Providing neutral, unbiased, and accurate information is at the heart of the non-profit, crowd sourced Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia gives legitimacy to the subjects it covers, Google takes special note of businesses listed on Wikipedia. Content that is not legitimate or promotional is screened.

Here are a few important tips to create a powerful Wikipedia page for your business.

How To Get Wikipedia Backlinks
How To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

It Gives You Traffic- Use It For SEO

Start editing Wikipedia articles and become an active contributor. Make a shortlist of relevant Wikipedia pages relevant to your topic and audience, and begin by improving existing content. Update any articles with broken links and where citations are needed (see screenshots below) by adding your own website link.

Start by replacing a few broken links with legitimate sources if you are a newbie. As soon as you add credibility to your account, you can start editing broken links and replacing them with your own. You can keep editing longer by doing this.

Use WikiGrabber (free tool) for a list of related Wikipedia pages that need a reference or have a dead link (search for the term that is closest to your business). Let’s get started!

Your website will receive relevant backlinks and decent traffic if you add your business references where they belong.

How To Use Dead Links On Wikipedia To Get Backlinks
How To Use Dead Links On Wikipedia To Get Backlinks

Boosts Your Company’s Credibility

It is possible to establish your business credibility by using a Wikipedia page. The Wikipedia page somehow assures customers that they are dealing with a legitimate company, despite their wariness of scams. You can portray the integrity of your business and raise your online status by having a Wikipedia presence.

It Boosts Search Engine Rankings

You can catch the attention of more people by including Wikipedia pages on your site, as they are often ranked first on search engines. It’s basically free search engine optimization!

If you do it right, Wikipedia can be a great resource for a site. Links will give you positioning and authority in terms of being a cited source on a wiki article.

It is not uncommon to create your own Wikipedia page as a way to get your website added to Wikipedia. Your company might get traction if you create a well-cited, informative page about it, with its history, its CEO, mergers, and other facts.

Boosts Your Sales

Since people use Wikipedia occasionally as a reference source, it plays a huge role in buying decisions. An excellent Wikipedia page can lead to an increase in sales and boost your company’s reputation in the marketplace.

Having a Wikipedia link is definitely worthwhile since it offers so many benefits. If you want visitors to convert into customers, your Wikipedia page should follow Wikipedia’s editorial guidelines.