The marketing and selling of SEO services should come naturally to any SEO company. Since you need to know how to walk the talk if you want to become the SEO agency of choice for many businesses. However, this is not always the case.

A successful marketing strategy can mean the difference between a rejected pitch and a client who stays with you for life. While agencies focus on operations, some fail to market SEO services until they realize that they don’t get enough exposure and business. While there is no set formula for how to market your SEO services, let me provide the following steps to help you get started:

Why Is SEO Service Important?

Search engines account for nearly 93% of all web traffic. Search engines require you to be indexed and ranked highly if you want your website to be found. Google and other search engines are known for the following:

  • Search engine users rarely click past the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Every day, Google processes more than 5.8 billion searches.
  • There are over 2 trillion searches per year on Google.
  • The average is 3 trillion per year. The click-through rate of position 1 in search results is 19.3%, while position 2 is 10.57%.
  • Between 16 and 20% of all searches are new every year. Previously, they hadn’t been searched for.
  • Google searches are being performed on mobile devices 60 percent of the time.
  • US mobile search engines are dominated by Google, with 95% market share.
  • Google mobile searches are dominated by location-based searches, with 33% of all searches.
  • Nearly half of “near me” queries result in-store visits.
  • Seven out of ten Google searches for food are conducted on mobile devices.
  • Google accounts for 46% of all product searches.
  • Google accounts for 92% of all market share.

What Does AKLINKSEO Offer in Terms of Web Design?

Our team tailors its web design services to your business’s unique needs. So, you can customize every aspect of our services to fit your business, products, and goals. You’ll end up with a website that your company – and your visitors – will love. Find out more about our website design services here:

Customized Style

Our web design services include unlimited style options to ensure your website reflects your brand. Our team is able to create sophisticated designs for your company that emphasize the quality and price range of your products. Additional examples of websites include the following:

  • Simple and attractive
  • Moderate styling
  • High-end
  • World-class

We offer these four styles as well as a no-style option in our web design quote calculator to provide you with an accurate quote estimate. However, you are not limited to these five options since no one wants a cookie-cutter website.

Website Copywriting

We also offer copywriting with our website design services in order to maximize impact. We have an experienced and specialized copywriting team. We can create compelling copy that engages visitors and converts them into customers with their expertise in technical and non-technical industries. Among our three tiers of website copywriting are:

5 to 10 pages

10 to 25 pages

25 to 50 pages

Your quote and design plan can be tailored to your specific number of pages if you need more than 50.

Responsive design

services are also available through our website design services. However, responsive design is recommended for mobile users, which can include consumers browsing the web using their tablet or smartphone.

Since more than half of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, it is imperative to provide mobile support. It’s best practice for SEO as Google now follows a mobile-first index, which means it views and crawls a website from a mobile user’s perspective rather than a computer user.

The search engine sees if your website does not support mobile users – and changes your ranking. You may be pushed to page two of search results and away from your target audience if you do that.